Two Common Instrument Rental Mistakes People Make

Below are some instrument rental blunders that people tend to make when they start using this service.

1. They forget to order their sheet music or instruction books before the instrument arrives

People who are new to renting and playing instruments will sometimes forget to pick up the sheet music and instruction manuals they need to practise playing the instrument. This wouldn't be a problem if the person were buying the instrument and was going to have access to it indefinitely.

However, if a person has decided to rent an instrument for, for instance, a fortnight and they only remember to order the sheet music and manuals after it's already arrived, they will not be able to dive into playing it until everything arrives. While they could toy with the instrument and try to work out a few notes without the manual and music, it's unlikely that they would achieve much (or indeed, enjoy themselves) whilst playing in this aimless manner.

That out of the two-week rental period, the person would end up missing out on being able to play their instrument properly for at least a couple of days which, in turn, would mean they would end up wasting some of the rental fee money that they paid. By ensuring that they have everything they require to immediately start playing the instrument as soon as they get it, they can maximise the value they reap from using this service.

2. They don't read the instrument maintenance instructions carefully

Businesses who rent out musical instruments will usually include a set of instructions with each one that they send out to a customer, which explain how they should care of the instrument whilst it's in their possession. A mistake that some people make when renting an instrument they're unfamiliar with is not reading through and following these instructions. For example, if a person rents a violin and they know nothing about this instrument, and the rental company supplies them some rosin, along with a manual that instructs them to apply the rosin to their violin's bow, the person's failure to read this manual might result in them not applying enough of this substance to this component.

This may then result in a lack of friction between the bow and the violin's strings, which might, in turn, lead to the person only being able to produce a faint, wavering sound that is barely audible, no matter how forcefully they draw the bow across the strings. This could make for a frustrating experience and may cause them to throw in the towel unnecessarily. As such, those who wish to rent instruments they've never played before should ensure that they read every last word of the maintenance manuals that come with these items.

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