Two tips for shy people who want to start taking singing lessons

If you have always wanted to take singing lessons but your shyness has prevented you from pursuing this goal, the tips provided below may be of use to you.

Find a teacher that has past experience with providing music lessons to shy students

When you have this type of issue, it is extremely important to pick the right music teacher. Ideally, you should look for someone who has plenty of previous experience with providing music lessons to people who are very shy. The reason for this is as follows; if a music teacher has not encountered many shy students and does not suffer from this issue themselves, they may have a hard time understanding why, for example, you get flustered when you try to sing in front of them.

As a result of this, they may then use the wrong tactic when they attempt to handle this problem; they might, for instance, use the 'tough love' approach and tell you that you are being silly or immature and that you just need to get over this issue. Being told something like this could be very harmful and may deter you from making any further attempts to overcome your shyness and pursue your dream of becoming a proficient singer.

Conversely, if you pick a music teacher that has taught shy students previously and who really understands how challenging it can be for a shy person to sing in front of others, they will be less likely to say something insensitive and will know how important it is to gently encourage and support you during each lesson. This will give you a better chance of overcoming your shyness and becoming comfortable singing around people.

Make an effort to normalise singing in your everyday life

If you would love to be an amateur or professional singer, then you will need to get used to not only performing in front of your music teacher but also in front of other people. One way to do this is to make a concerted effort to normalise singing in your day-to-day life. This does not necessarily mean that you should try to burst into song when, for example, you're on the bus or at work. Instead, you should try to integrate singing into your everyday activities so that you start to feel as if this is a normal and safe thing to do that won't result in people judging or mocking you.

For example, if, when you're alone in your house, you will often belt out a few songs, but will then clam up the moment your partner, family members or housemates arrive home, then you might want to practise singing or humming your favourite tunes whilst there are other people in your house. You might, for instance, want to sing softly whilst you're preparing dinner or doing the laundry and your family are in the same room or try singing whilst you're in the garden and your neighbours are outside.

Additionally, you could ask your partner or friend to be in the room whilst you practice the singing homework your music teacher gives you; they don't have to sit there and actively listen to you, but can instead simply do their own hobbies or browse the net whilst you do your work. This could help you to feel more comfortable singing in the presence of others, without making you feel pressured into actually performing for them.

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If you have always wanted to take singing lessons but your shyness has prevented you from pursuing this goal, the tips provided below may be of use to

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