What Are You Paying for When Hiring a Corporate DJ?

A corporate DJ for hire will often seem like an expensive option if you have never booked one before. However, professional DJs are in-demand and well worth the outlay if you want to impress your company's employees and their guests. If you are staging any sort of corporate event which will have music as a part of it - such as a Christmas party, for example - then a corporate DJ is likely to be a much more cost-effective option then hiring a live band. That said, you may wonder what you are forking out for. What are the costs that a professional DJ has to cover when staging an event for you?

  • Audio Equipment Costs 

One of the major outlays that goes into running a DJ business is the cost of the audio equipment itself. Because a corporate DJ will move from venue to venue, he or she will need to have all of his or her own equipment. This does not just mean a couple of turntables, these days. A high-quality DJ will often have CDJ decks as well as the ability to play vinyl rough their own PA system. 

In addition, they will need to have an audio console which allows them to add effects, to create beat loops, to sample parts of tracks and to crossfade between different audio sources. It is by mixing and matching sounds via a mixing console that DJs are able to offer more of a performance, certainly when compared to putting on a straightforward playlist from a tablet, for instance.

  • Stage Lighting Costs

As well as all of the audio equipment that you can expect a corporate DJ to supply at your event, there will also usually be a lighting rig that goes with the package. Today's professional DJs won't just turn up with a few light boxes and flashing PAR cans. You should also expect some contemporary disco lighting products, often those which are powered by colour-changing LEDs or lasers.

  • Skill and Musicality

Another part of the cost for any DJ is the music that he or she will bring. Although it is fair to say that many DJs rely on audio streaming services to augment their record collection nowadays, this is still something that requires outlay on their behalf. What's more, a professional DJ will be able to tailor their set to meet the demands of any sort of crowd by playing various kinds of music. This alone takes plenty of rehearsal time. Remember that many hours have gone into honing their DJ skills and that this also needs to be paid for when it comes to a fully professional performance.

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